Freitag, 11. September 2009


Today is a black day. Not today but today 8 years ago.
What happend is still incredible, but although there are all the myths and stories nobody can bring all the people back. It's terrible. Horrible. No ..

You may think I'm still young and don't understand what happend, but I swear, I do.
I was just seven years old, but I remember this day as clearly as if it was yesterday.

On September 11th, 2001 I visited a friend of mine and we played in her room. In the afternoon I was used to go home. Putting on my shoes in their hall, I looked in the living room where her mother watched tv. I saw the twin-towers of the World Trade Center crash, but I didn't realize it was real. I thought she was watching some kind of action movie. I will never forget that.
At home, my mom was sitting on the couchtable, watching the same on tv. I started to look carefully and listened to what they said. And I understood.
I was shocked, believe me.
And I will never ever forget this pictures, this day.
It's some kind of special to me.

The next day my dad came home in the evening with the "Stern", a German magazine. I read the topics about the assassination, even the ones about politics. 9/11 was important to me.
We talked about it at school and I cut the pictures out of the "Stern". I glued them into an unused booklet and wrote my own text about that horrible day.
I guess it was my first getting in touch with journalism.

My impressions and memories of the day, that never should have taken place. But we will never forget.

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