Samstag, 21. November 2009

Different. Good or Bad?

Being different can be difficult. And it can be a gift or a curse.

To my mind it's important to see in which way you are different.
But in general you can say that being different shouldn't be a problem. Nobody should be bullied, because he's good at something or not looking like others. It should be possible, that everybody can be individual.

But in fact that's not reality. People are outcasts because they are different. Because they are not like everybody else. But shouldn't that be absolutely wrong? It's boring if everyone's the same, isn't it?

In my opinion threating different people not like they are like others is wrong.
It's even the law, that everybody has the right to be different. And if everybody would respect that there wouldn't be any problems with bullying that can make life hard and even dangerous for the 'others'.

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