Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010


Yes, yes, yes.
We live in a society where everybody is allowed to think and say what he or she wants to. Yes, this IS good - better than before the French Revolution. But, really! Some people should just shut up and don't say everything they think - especially what they think of other people.
Sometime ago you thought everything would be better and easier when you're older and more grown up; people would be wiser, friendlier. Maybe.
But it's the opposite. Everybody talks about everyone behind their backs and you get the feeling nobody likes anybody else. I mean, what's up here? I don't get you people.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I AM a little bit naive and narrow-minded in this case but that's the way I was brought up - be friendly. And what did life teach me within the last seventeen years? Don't talk about somebody behind their backs if you're not sure the person you're talking to will keep it to him- or herself. Cause otherwise you'll be the bad one.
Complicated world, complicated people. I want the earlier, easier years back ... ♥

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