Freitag, 11. März 2011

For Patricia ♥

My beloved, incredible, sympathic, generous, kind, beautiful, talented mail friend,
and you should know by now you are a lot more than this (just a mail friend) ♥
I thank you a lot for allowing me to use your words, so I decided to tell you, this is

Dedicated to you, Patricia

We both had tough experiences in our lives, even if other people think that they aren't much special to care about, I know that they drew lines on our hearts and made our souls older.

And please don't say your life is sad. Life is whether or like you you want it to be, really. Even if it's sad you shall say it's great. Because it is. Maybe we had to know the bad people first, before we found (or will find) the good ones, so we could recognize them. You know, sometimes it must be bad to become brilliant and great :)

It's hard to trust somebody after bad experiences. But what we can loose? Confidencen? Not really. Trust? Smile? People who hurt us and go away loose much more. They loose everything what's worth living: friendship, love. Time make us recover. I know not fully, but we really have nothing to loose. People who hurt us also hurt us because they are sad. They are hurt. And we have to understand it, pity them. They are poor creatures :) Frightened, longing for smile, love, kindness.

They're just jealous. They see you're above them, that's why they want to bring you down.

I love you for just existing and being there. And answering my stupid letters :)

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  1. Lena,
    thank you for being there, for being you, for everything you've experienced in your life, for every minute, every second and every letter you wasted for me. Thank you for those kind words (too kind for me, really), thank you for every single smile,or laugh you made after reading my letter :) I have so much things to thank you for, so I must say that I thank you wholly for being my friend. You're such a diamond in a desert full of sand, dearest. And we shall never loose ourselves, our friendship.
    Love you.