Freitag, 29. April 2011


Imagine the person you have been married to for over fifty years is close to leaving this world, staying in the hospital for the last days. Could you imagine to leave that person behind, alone during the last hours? Driving home with the car because you cannot stand the stress connected to your stay, the pressure? Would you tell that your family? Letting someone absolutely foreign watch over your most beloved?

I mean, who would do something like that? Leaving the one person you truly loved and knew for most of your life in the really 'hard' times, the worst, maybe. You promised to stay when it would come to those times, but nevertheless now you are leaving. You let pass the precious moments which you know could be the last.

It is incomprehensible for me, frankly speaking. If I were in that situation - all I would wish for were some last private, precious moments with that person. I would sit at his side, not even leaving to go to sleep, because I would be too afraid to miss his last breath. I would stay at his side until the last moment. And even longer.


  1. It's absolutly true!
    I can't do such a thing too...
    If this happen to someone I really love I will do the same as you.
    We can't miss anything,we have to breathe the same air till the end,we have to keep our hands till the end,we have to watch each others' eayes till the end.
    And when this end comes,well i'm a bit scared of it but i will be stronger and let it pass then go away and cry till my eyes can't do it anymore.
    You are absolutly right!

    Was it only a thought or is it happening to someone you know?

  2. Sadly it is someone I know ...