Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

changes - developments.

A question we have to deal with time and again in our lives is the one whether human beings are able to change. To - kind of - become somebody else, differ their character. It is a question millions of humans have already wondered about and will for ever. Books have been written by philosophers and psychologists. I, for myself, have found an answer I can live with.

We do not really change - we stay the same. Yet, each and every little event we go through in our life has an impact on who we are and how we act or appear to others. Some might be minor, others major. Still these impacts have an enormous power. They can transform us, change us in a certain way. They have the power to make a difference on how we behave - and they help us to develop ourselves. Through them our characters are formed, through them our souls break and are healed again. They make us who we are - and they help us develop, not only when we are young, but through all of our lifetimes.

Therefore nobody can actually change - not from one second to the other. But each and every one of us develops, every day, with every single experience. And due to those developments we are able to change.

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