Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

"Du bist voll so'n FlowerPower Kind!"

Thank you my dear :D :*

Really, I always knew that I am not like anybody else. I have no problem with doing things anybody else would be ashamed of, like for example shouting at P.E. class when doing Judo. Or presenting our amazingly silly interpretations of colours in Geography. Or admitting how much I love Star Wars. Or walking through the rain with my awesome hoodie. Or just stitting around with crossed legs, imitating some yoga moves and laughing out lood.
Moreover I am totally not one of those persons who always have to be right, who do not care about others, who are afraid to get a bad reputation, who are totally afraid their hair might look horribly after one blow of the wind (I mean, who cares? it's natural forces). Nevertheless ... YES. I might be different than many other people. But after all I can say I am pretty happy with being who I am. A happy and optimistic person (really, I cannot stand those people who are always complaining) - and I have no problem with staying like that.

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