Dienstag, 1. November 2011

las vacaciones

sure, we're having holidays. or vacation, whatever you may prefer. but still there's the old pressure in the background - 'cause for sure our teachers aren't content with just having us off and relaxing. nooo. would be far to comfortable. no. we have to work. a lot of biology. literature research. german stuff. and a weird book for english which takes a longer time to be read than i'm used to. arthur miller's world famous 'death of a salesman'. not bad, though. just slightly confusing.
and .. well. in addition to the school stuff there's a bunch of things that have to be done for our party next week. location change and purchasing on top of everything. and a lot of meetings and driving around. hell, i need 4 more weeks off - minimum. but alright. one week to go. then school till christmas. with 8 exams. woohoo. anticipation. how much i hate responsibility from time to time..

 Robin Sparkles - Let's Go To The Mall

But sometimes we just shouldn't take life all so seriously and have some fun. otherwise life wouldn't be what it is: 
worth living and wonderful.

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