Montag, 21. November 2011

through with you

oh boy. we've had times, so wonderful that i dreamed about eternity. to hope that they might last forever and ever.
see who was wrong there.
yeah. i'm feeling pity. for both of us. since we had unforgettable times. friendship and curious looks. whatever it might have been. it's over. i learned to be a bit more realistic and confident. and you made it obvious that you didn't care.

and that made it.
for me.

you could have said or done what you wanted and i'm sure i would have forgiven you - like i always did. but your ignorance and your few words. It wasn't important to me. that was what hurt the most after all those hours, words and looks. and it created a scar that probably won't ever heal. not according to everybody. just for my relation to you. i am an open and forgiving person, but this time you screwed up royally. and i won't treat you any better from now on. you just don't deserve. you could have had it all, but you refused. so that's it. i'm through with you. and i'm certain that it's for quite a while.

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