Dienstag, 21. August 2012

one last time.

when did time pass so fast? where have those teenage years gone? wow. tomorrow, wednesday 22nd of august, i will have my last first day at school. incredible, isn't it?
twelve years ago, in 2000, i went to school the first time for real. actually i don't really remember, not the meaningful details at least. but there were a lot of first days back at school and you never cared to number them like ever. at some point you started at a new, awfully big school, and now another eight years have passed since then. eight. someday it was like; you have halfway made it through your school time, halfway through new school, welcome to the upper classes, welcome to senior class. when did that happen? aren't i still 13 and afraid of life, humans, heartache, bad marks and reality?
no, apparently i can't be. one year to go, wow. actually - it's not even a whole year. easter break, finals and i'll be done. so little time, so little days. and then we'll be done, grown, through with basic knowledge; school education. time to enjoy the last time because there is no going back and i grew so comfortable with it and liked it really. oh well. have a wonderful year, folks. let's celebrate your youth.

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