Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

the core of your body.

in the past, i've always felt my stomach from time to time. like everybody does, i mean. feeling this intuition that something is completely stupid, dangerous or worth everything because you enjoy it so damn much.
but i never had such an intense feeling before. my whole stomach tightened by the idea of working for a certain company not to be named any longer. i felt sick all over. too much work. too much responsibility. too little knowledge about that job. too little training.
you know, i've grown to be quite self-confident. more than several years ago, that's for sure. but the job really sucked, my stomach and my mind agreed big time. so i did the only thing that made sense from my point of view. from my stomach's point of view. i quitted.
not nice, but better than suffering and feeling sick and humble each day.
and wasn't it said, time and again, that the ones who recognize their weakness are a thousand times stronger than the ones who pretend and go on suffering? well, i'm convinced, that i did the right thing for my soul and my body and i thank my stomach with everything else i have.
and for sure my invaluable friends who are the diamonds in the desert and the stars in the sky. i love you guys. with my whole heart and stomach. <3 p="p">

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