Freitag, 4. Januar 2013


You know what should always make you smile? The knowledge that the sun is shining - every single second of your life. No matter whether there are clouds, a thunderstorm or the shining stars in your sky right now, no matter what your state of mind might be, no matter how desperate you are - the sun is always up and never stops.
So we should be shining, too.

I know, easy words, but trust me, I know how hard it can be and we don't always succeed. That would be impossible, we need to be down and cry from time to time to cope with your problems. But we should never be too desperate. 

What truly helps in situations like these is the knowledge that we are not alone on planet earth. That there are always people you can turn to. Always. Who are trying to help you and who won't give up on you. People, who can see the shining sun when you see only clouds. We should all be thankful for those persons in our lives and I am more than glad that I found one, who I believe has the power to wipe away the clouds anytime. And I won't ever give her away again. 
I hope I don't need her tonight or tomorrow to wipe away the clouds - cause there aren't going to be some, there is just to be the brightest sunshine EVER - but if I do, I know she'll be the best.
Love you, girl!
Kein direktes nein heißt vielleicht auch, dass er nicht nein sagen will ;D
Ich bin stolz :*

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