Dienstag, 30. März 2010

A 'Field'-Trip

The sun is shining and you are having vacation. All your friends are ill or spending their time elsewhere. So what would you do?
Right, going outside, driving around with your bike and a bag full of paper.

You should not be afraid to walk
the unknown paths nobody else walks.
You should be afraid to walk
the bright paths everybody else walks.
- naaaaaa .. Myself
This fabulous creative and highly philosophic stuff is the result of me driving through the fields around my hometown, taking the paths I've never gone down before. It was great.

Also working on a new story. Absolutely inspired by my grandma's quote. She will never know what she said and done to me with this. Or maybe she will. I love you granny! ♥

"Wer uns nachts holt, bringt uns am Tag zurück." - 8.Sept.2009

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