Montag, 29. März 2010


During some 'Orientation Days' last week with my whole grade, we had time to think about our lifes, our aims and our relationships in life. Taking part in one workshop with 4 classmates, it was my task to walk around in the nature, taking photos reminding me of lifetimes, situations in life and memories I have.
Number 1.
I found this handrail in the middle of nowhere and it caught my attention.
For me it symbolizes the hold in your life, family and friends, who are always there for you and are right at your side to keep your grounded while going the way of your life. I like it a lot.

Number 2.
The street leading away from (or to, which way you want to see it) the cloister we stayed at. Should represent the road of life, disappearing in the distance after leaving another part behind (leaving youth or something [according to the walls]).

Number 3.
No special connections to my life, but I like the sight a lot. You can see the leaves in the water under the surface through it. May be interpreted as something like, seeing the dead or something.

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