Sonntag, 25. April 2010

The Power of Daisies

Isn't it always the same? No matter what age you are, as a woman you'll always check out your potential lovers with the probably most primitive approach ever. The power of a daisy.
Actually, I am having NO idea why we do it to us over and over again after falling in love, but it must do something to us. Why the hell should we lie in the garden, plucking daisies from the grass and pulling out their petals while saying 'he loves me - he does not love me - he loves me ..' ?
I mean, yes, it is absolutely naive and irrelevant, but it must have an effect on us. We believe in it - as long as the answer is the one we desired. If it should appear not to be the desired one, we'll just take another daisy, repeating our work - until we'll get the 'right' answer.
Totally dumb. But hey: The daisy is 50 % right, isn't she?

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