Freitag, 7. Mai 2010


They always say the rain in may makes things grow. The trees and flowers. The children. Well, the last point is open to be discussed. But who wants to have rain in may anyway?
Sure, the nature needs it, but the nature can't lack temperatures like in January. It's the 7th of May and I honestly walked around today wearing my skiingjacket because I was sooo cold.
Just for you to remember - two weeks ago I spend the afternoons in the garden, wearing shorts and a top, using suncream and sun glasses. This is totally unbelievable.
Now I have one wish. Summer back, please! The flora needs it as well. And I want to go jogging again.
Plus the sun gives you a better mood automatically, isn't that great?
Let's hope for an increasement. T-Shirts out, skiingjackets in.

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