Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Lena for Europe!

So the thing nobody of us dared to dream about came true. Lena Meyer-Landrut has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo!

The young sympathic German girl who was casted in Stefan Raab's show 'Unser Star für Oslo' rocked the show and brought the contest after 28 years back to Germany.
After breaking all the records in Germany before the show on last Saturday, May 29th 2010, almost everybody in Germany loved her and her catchy song 'Satellite'. Now she isn't only Number 1 in Germany but all over Europe.
9 Times our 'crazy-girl-from-next-door' got the 'Twelve Points' and sent whole Germany into transports of joy. After 28 years without a German winner, Lena got the second highest point-advance after last year's winner Alexander Rybak from Norway.
Not like many other candidates, Lena made neither a big performance, nor she had any dancers. It was just her and three backround singer on the stage, just her voice and her magical charisma.

Back in her homecountry she was greeted by tenthousands of fans and started her media-marathon with a large number of shows, revisions and live shots. She's the beloved of an entire country, maybe even of an entire continent.

We thank you so much Lena, for winning this unbelivable show!
You are our Star! May you stay as great and down to earth as you've been before that success!

Anyway, we wish you the best luck for next year! Since her mentor Raab announced Lena will defend her 'winning the European Singer Championship' in Germany next year, a lot of people supported this idea! Just the topic where it will take place is one to be discussed hotly now.
Everybody wants to see, hear, have Lena. We could use her as a backup for your National Soccer Team or (like people tweeted two days ago) "Lena for President!". A bit ironic since the German president, Horst Köhler, just announced his retirement. I assume if we had to elect one today Lena would be Miss President tomorrow already.
Wow. Lenamania

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